Italian cheese sauce 義大利起司醬

Italian cheese sauce
1 cup mascarpone cheese* 瑪斯卡波尼起司250g*
3 eggs 蛋3顆
2 tbsp sugar 糖30ml
2 tbsp gin or rum or other liqueur (optional) 一些酒 可有可無

1.Divide the yolks and the egg whites. In a bowl beat the egg whites till stiff(won’t fall out if you tip the bowl), in another one mix the yolks with the sugar.

2.Incorporate the egg whites, the yolks with sugar, the mascarpone cheese and the liqueur. Serve on a slice of panettone or pandoro(Italian bread).

*substitute for mascarpone cheese 瑪斯卡波尼起司的替代食譜:
Mix 1 cup cream cheese, 1/3cup sour cream until smooth.


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