Salmon fried rice 鮭魚炒飯

Salmon fried rice 鮭魚炒飯          Made by JAMES吳詳基, editor


Rice (pre cooked and left overnight) 隔夜白飯

Half an onion 半顆洋蔥

2 garlics 大蒜

1/4 red, green pepper each 紅綠青椒個一份

200g Salmon pre cooked 預煮鮭魚

2 eggs 蛋

7 Soy sauce, pepper, salt to taste 醬油 胡椒 鹽


1.dice peppers and onions


2.add some olive oil into a frying pan on medium heat,and then put in the onion and garlic then the peppers


3.when that is cooked, beat eggs and add to pan, when they are half cooked, put the rice in. add a little bit of pepper(胡椒)if preferred.


4.finally, add the salmon and some soy sauce. Serve!



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